Banking and Finance

The staff of systemgruppe, covering our central sector banking and finance through the Banken-Competence-Center, use their know-how in the sector to support customers of all sizes with services and products. Our own resource pool of functional and technical consultants allows us to offer a broadly diversified spectrum of services.

systemgruppe´s Banken-Competence-Center bundles services and products from the field of banking and finance in a pool that supports banks and financial services providers in professionally conducting projects and process adaptations alongside, and without interfering with, daily operations. Depending on the customer´s needs, the optimal range of services is defined by criteria of cost and time efficiency.

In close cooperation with all kinds of producers, systemgruppe works as general contractor and in each case assigns a team of highly specialized experts to the project. Every team can be dynamically adapted regarding composition and expertise to suit the given needs.

The services of our Banken-Competence-Center can be obtained individually in a modular fashion, or as a defined package of several services, depending on the status of a venture or project. Outsourcing variants are possible.

Our Banken-Competence-Center is also in charge of many products from the banking and finance area and offers support that is based on know-how from many years of experience.