Implementation of core banking systems


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Product Evaluation

Our Banken-Competence-Center continually monitors new products and has detailed knowledge of the products in the know-how environment of our banks. This allows systemgruppe to offer the customer a qualified product evaluation.

By preference, and in order not to create any impression of dependency, systemgruppe separates product evaluation from product implementation in projects. We are, however at the client´s discretion available for both phases of a project.

systemgruppe uses standardized methods in the areas of criteria catalogues, assessments, market research, manufacturer survey, test installations, results analyses, economic viability analyses, feasibility studies, and strengths/weaknesses analyses.

In comparison to our competitors, systemgruppe has the advantage of being independent from manufacturers. In addition, we put a special emphasis on working across department lines, thus crossing existing linear management structures, in order to gain and use input from within the entire enterprise.

Product Implementation

systemgruppe´s functional and/or technical consultants support the customers during the implementation of products

After having set parameters such as duration of service, location, content-related agenda, and tasks during project transfer, systemgruppe´s consultants take over parts of or the entire project in close cooperation with the client´s staff.

Project status reports are submitted to senior management in close coordination with project management, and escalations triggered if necessary.

Quick implementation accelerates the yield of capital employed, and allows the customers to concentrate on their core business.