Process and Project Management Details

Apart from our own projects, at systemgruppe we also offer stand-alone services in project management. In project management, systemgruppe follows the internationally valid guidelines of PROJEKT MANAGEMENT AUSTRIA (PMA) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). In projects, systemgruppe offers both technical and functional project management depending on the project requirements. systemgruppe can also act as a general contractor and handle the entire project management, if necessary on the scale of a project management office, and coordinate in-house and external project partners.

Project launch

Permanent project controlling and reporting follow the project launch, ideally using montego:communicator for communication and documentation. This ensures a high degree of internal and external transparency in project operations and reporting. A consultant with either technical or functional background will provide the consultant´s part of the project coordination

Project controlling and reporting

If requested, systemgruppe is also available for ongoing project marketing. The main focus in project marketing is on making information available, especially to people not primarily connected to the project. Upon finishing a project, systemgruppe will compile the documentation that has been permanently gathered, and together with the client and all parties involved in the project elaborate the insights gained from the project. These will then serve as the basis for further projects of a similar nature.

Project finalization