Training, Tests & Documentation, Support Details

systemgruppe can offer training for employees on both the functional and the technical level. Depending on the kind and on the content of the training we offer both, hands-on training, or presentations. The duration of training, too, is at the client´s discretion. systemgruppe offers training ranging from individual coaching and team training to relaying information to entire business departments.

Testing and Documentation
Comprehensive and standardized testing conducted by systemgruppe as per the directions of the client, offers a broad range of applications. We can conduct such tests both in the functional and the technical area, ranging from functional testing with predefined targets and resulting target-performance analyses to technical stress tests of applications and system environments. Comprehensive documentation during and after projects allows systemgruppe´s clients to run their system environments with full confidence.

Support and Maintenance
systemgruppe offers ongoing support for products we implemented as well as maintenance for systemgruppe´s own products. Service Levels (SLAs) specified together with the customer and support from our own products such as montego:communicator guarantee efficient compliance with SLAs 24/7.