Commerce and Industry

systemgruppe has realized various projects in the commercial and industrial sector, establishing a strong base of know-how among its consultants in the process.

We have also realized projects with several-hundred project participants in the industrial and commercial sector. There, the CPFR-software cordoba:logistics created by systemgruppe facilitated the just-in-time delivery of goods, while we provided support with a distribution-oriented service desk based on montego:communicator.

By using cordoba:logistics and providing ongoing support through a service desk operated by systemgruppe, it was possible to achieve almost hundred percent availability of the goods traded. We managed to keep the operational demands on project participants at a minimum.

Using open interfaces from cordoba:logistics, logistics- and distribution partners can be integrated fully into the process of circulation of goods. This automated variant requires minimal effort from all businesses and departments involved in these processes.

A service desk defined or even managed by systemgruppe handles queries from those supplied and deals with special cases. Satisfaction with deliveries to, and between, businesses is increased, while total expenditures regarding wrong deliveries, reclamations, or losses, are minimized. All transactions are automatically documented.

The solution scripta:publicaffairs, developed by systemgruppe, is also often employed for commercial and industrial purposes. It supports efforts in the areas of web marketing, especially end-customer acquisition, newsletter administration and mailing, as well as customer opinion research and sweepstakes. systemgruppe also supports commercial and industrial businesses in website communication, using cost-efficient solutions such as scripta:content for company-wide content management.