Planning and Forecasting Details

cordoba:logistics is a logistics and distribution solution that predicts the next necessary just-in-time deliveries to different points of sale (branches, authorized dealers, interim storage) based on turnover so far and prognostic projections.

The approach modeled by cordoba:logistics optimizes costs as it makes optimal use of storage space at the points of sale (POS), makes better use of transport capacities, and optimizes routes. Another source of increased cost efficiency is that minimum-purchase quantities become unnecessary due to optimized subsequent deliveries, which is especially important for perishables, seasonal articles, or articles with rapid depreciation. Large savings potential also opens up on the organizational level, as manually-triggered special deliveries, subsequent deliveries, or transfer of goods between branches all become things of the past.

cordoba:logistics optimizes each POS individually, so that the risk of a short sale tends towards zero. All calculations are made in real time, with fully customizable intervals between which deliveries can be triggered. The CPFR-based model for these calculations uses a self-learning prognostic model that incorporates not only concrete POS data, but also trends on various levels such as the entirety of the POS, historical trends, group trends, market development, weather data, and statistic information. Adaptive learning curves result from the historic and current data. It is of course possible to account for individual special cases, since the quality of data especially from non-modernized POS (e.g. without regular sales data) can lead to trend divergence. Additionally, the system automatically issues alerts when it detects under- or overflow resulting from extreme sales shifts. cordoba:logistics also provides for returns-, failed delivery- and losses handling. cordoba:logistics is a modular software solution with a base module and further modules that can be employed as needed. cordoba:logistics can also be run under an ASP model. systemgruppe further offers a range of services related to cordoba:logistics, supporting both the implementation as well as ongoing CPFR processes: