Webmarketing Details

scripta:publicaffairs is a modular software solution that can be integrated with any existing website without changing the site´s structure. In its basic variant, scripta:publicaffairs or its modules can run in a window of their own, which offers various options of integration into existing workflows on websites.

scripta:publicaffairs is always based on a central user directory of B2B or B2C contacts who can either register themselves and enter their data, or are imported via an integrated interface. This module is scripta:basic. On the basis of scripta:basic, it then becomes possible to implement numerous functions and methods that support CRM in the business and most of all standardize web-based CRM processes.

scripta:publicaffairs and its modules can be purchased as single-license product or under an ASP license, and contain on the basis of the central user directory scripta:basic functions such as:






The basic functions of scripta:basic, always the basis for all other modules, are:

scripta:content is a convenient content management solution, offered by systemgruppe on the basis of two CMS products, the in-house scripta:content-CMS, and content.node, a product of our partner gentics. Depending on the needs of the client we will choose the better-suited platform and implement it in a standard project. Both products can be purchased as a licensed-software product or as an ASP service. In both cases, systemgruppe offers both project management as well as editorial services.

Management Summary